Lady Biz - Period Tracker and Fertility Calendar App Reviews

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Thank you!! Best ever!

I love this app. It helps me track my crazy periods do I can plan my life around them. I also enjoy the affirmations.

So much better than others Ive tried

I tried all of the free period tracker apps, and they were all terrible. Too much focus on the chat features, not nearly enough on the actual tracking, and no being able to go back and easily see how often I recorded certain things. Ladybiz is super customizable, for what things to record each day, including five I entered myself, colors, whether it calculates predictions for you or lets you do it manually. The history of individual symptoms is very easy find, including levels, which is incredibly useful to me. It can be locked with a passcode for extra privacy. Ive only had it 5 days, Im still really excited about how much better it is than what I was using.

I hate the sparkles

I do not like the new game feature. The FAQ tells how to enable the Games Center but its not there to disable. Id like the calendar to be my homepage. Also, the extra stars and bunnies are cute but Im not 12, make it optional. Ive used this app long enough to not want to start over but I dont spend much time on the app and even less time when theres too much going on.

Update failure

Love this app, but the latest update broke the switch and button buttons (ie: spotting, vitamins, etc) thanks!

Update Error

The latest update has caused an error and you can not enter certain information such as taking vitamins and other items already listed.

Hate the new calendar version

The old calendar version is actually better than this new one.

Thank you!! Best ever!

I love this app very much. I love the affirmations and the adorable bunny who delivers the affirmations. Im loving the new look of the calendar- so sleek!

Very helpful!

Very helpful app for irregular cycles and ability to personalize tracking of symptoms and such.

Great app

Good app for keeping track of your more then just that time of the month. Its great to have handy and for those like me how forget things its handy for dr appointments. U can have all the info u need right there. From headaches to breakouts and a wide very att of things. The only issue I have is the game. But other then that its a great app...

This app keeps getting more and more useless.

I used to love this app, but now I feel like its been dumbed down quite a bit. Theres an animated bunny that gives advice, and theres also a terrible game called "Cotton Plop" in which said bunny attempts to catch pads and tampons in his/her basket. Drops of red blood will kill the bunny. What the heck is this about?! Does a 14-year-old design this app? Anyway, this app has been redesigned in a matter that I find somewhat offensive--women dont need animated rabbits on our app, and we certainly dont need an idiotic game to play. Work on refining the core features of the app and stop wasting our time with this nonsense.

Lame app. It used to be good.

This app is so cluttered with crap like useless quizzes and games now. It used to be an easy way to keep track of cycles. Save your money and the space on your phone. There are better apps on the store now. Sincerely, A former avid user of this app.

Great until todays update

A game where you are dodging blood clots? Does anyone really think this is an appropriate thing to add? I will now find another application to help track my cycles as this has caused me to not ever want to use this again. Disgusting.

Seriously, a game with blood drops??

I used to be a huge fan of this app and recommended it to many women. Today I see the update info and thought it must be April 1st. Who in their right mind would put a game with blood drops on a period tracking app? I stunned at the immense poor taste shown by the developer.

Worth it-amazing app!

I never write reviews, but this app is that amazing. Keeps track perfectly- predictions come in handy- you can customize it and keep notes. This is probably one of the only apps I have that has changed my life. I thank the creator!!! Get it.

Love this app

I have no complaints and its very easy to use. It does exactly what I need it to do!

Buggy Update

I use this app daily, but the latest update crashes upon opening. I power-cycled my phone and not even that helped. I wish I had exported my data first.

New update is Frustrating! (ver 7.4)

I used to love this app until they updated. I loved adding to my daily journal. But for some reason, the daily journal keeps crashing! Very frustrating to say the least. If I am writing in journal and I get a call or text, it will not let me go back to add to journal. I have to shut my entire phone off and then go back and finish my entry. Please fix this!!! The last update said this was going to be fixed, but it didnt get fixed.

The Best App to Track your Biz

This app is everything I need to track my monthly business! I like reports and looking back at how I felt and when I felt it. 5 stars!


I have tried many other lady apps and this is by far my fav. I dont like this new version that is missing the homepage summery that tells me how many day until my next period


I love this app. The new reports about periods is wonderful.

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