Lady Biz - Period Tracker and Fertility Calendar App Reviews

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 Great! I just updated but i cant open the app ..

Top application

Top application. But since last update i cannot correct my période Time neighter add any date. Why??

Good app

This app is very useful for women. The last updates made it even better. The developers really work on it. I bought it when it was 12€ and now its 8€. Its still too much money. It would be 5 stars for me if it was cheaper. Second report The app is amazing. I still use it every day. I cant understand why dont women buy this. And its only at 2,39 €. There are also a lot of updates. The developers are doing an excellent work. Buy this app now. It has everything you need. Only one request. Please dont change the colors in every update or give us the option to customize the app like we like it. Thanks again

Return the home view!!

This app is going to be more confusing each update :( At least give me back the home view with the period manager! Is this app not used anymore from their developers??


Worth every penny :)

Very useful app

This application is fantastic because it keeps track of everything that I want to be keeping track of! I also appreciate the $5 price drop. The only improvement I would love to see is adding some sort of graphical representation of the data, so we could see more easily, for example, how increased stress leads to weight gain or more breakouts. But all in all, great app.

Gotta Have It!

Such a cool app, that surprises with constant updates and improvements! Thanks!


This is not worth the money. Im sorry I wasted my money.

More Categories!

I have to agree with the previous reviewer who suggested including user-added categories. There are so many varied symptoms/treatments out there you could never get them all -- let users add categories themselves. Other than that, GREAT app!

Change icon!

Ive had this app for a couple of moths now and it does the job. I would suggest adding fertile days but above all: CHANGE THE NEW ICON!! It looks like I have porn on my phone and I will probably get rid of it and opt for an app with a more descreet icon.

Not what I expected

The calendar weekdays dont match the numerical date on the calendar & the cycle day should be computed based on the data entered rather than asking the user to enter it. Not worth the money unless changes are made.

Too expensive!

Not worth the money. Cant even automatically calculate the cycle day. There are much better free utilities available on the web.

Very Helpful but ugly icon!!!

I found this to be very helpful. I would be happier if the price was lower. I like how you can track multiple things for one day and it actually reminds me to take my vitamin because I have to enter in if I did or didnt I also like how you can choose what you want to see in the rows of the Journal. Thats super helpful. I really like it. Again the price was evil. But atleast it works and does MORE than I intended it to... Looking forward to updates and more apps from Flatcracker! I dont like the blond hair blue eye icon! I paid $15 for this n want the original classy icon back!!!!!! AND the icon gets even uglier. Deleting this app I dont want a nastly obvious icon on my phone. It looks cheap.

I should have read the reviews

It seems a bit crazy that I have to input the cycle days manually. Thats what computers are for. Its a deal-breaker for me; Ill be shopping for another app.

Not worth the money

I bought this mainly to chart my cycle but you need to manually enter the cycle date. What? The Tracking of symptoms/weight/exercise is also badly laid out and doesnt really lend itself to anything useful. In January I bought myself a pocket calendar and a pen. It does just as good a job as this app and was even cheaper!!

Great app

I use it alot more than originally planned. I love it!

Awesome App

Love this app - easy to use.


I have tried many other lady apps and this is by far my fav. I dont like this new version that is missing the homepage summery that tells me how many day until my next period

Awesome calendar

Everything you ever needed to check in your calendar is here.

Thank you!! Best ever!

I love this app. It helps me track my crazy periods do I can plan my life around them. I also enjoy the affirmations.

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